J.D.Steel Corporation
Our Aluminized Steel is widely acknowledged in the national and international markets for its high heat reflection, high resistance to heat, high resistance to corrosion, fine smooth finish and longer functional life. To suit the diverse requirements of the clients, Aluminized Steel Sheet is made available in varied sizes and thicknesses. Aluminized steel type I.pdf, Aluminized steel type II.pdf
Our speciality. We offer this material with a guranteed heat resistance of 700 C. Also it has a very high heat reflection propertise.  
 Aluminized Steel is offered in 2 types :
Type 1   Type 2
Hot-dip coated with an aluminum/silicon alloy containing 5% to 11% silicon to promote better adherence. It is intended principally for heat resisting applications and also for uses where corrosion resistance and heat are involved. Possible end uses are mufflers, furnaces, ovens, ranges, heaters, water heaters, fireplaces, and baking pans.
Hot-dip coated with commercially pure aluminum. It is intended principally for applications requiring atmospheric corrosion resistance. Type 2 may ultimately be manufactured into corrugated roofing and siding, grain bins, air conditioner housings and drying ovens. 
 Coatings  T1-40  T1-25  T1-13  T1-60  Type 2
 Oz/SqFt  0.4  0.25  0.13  0.6  0.65
 Gauges  .008 Through .146 = Manufactured Limit (0.20mm to 2.5mm)
 Widths  Up to 60" Wide = Manufactured Limit
 Grades  CS(A or B), DDS, EDDS, EDDS+, Structural, HSLA, DX51, DX52, DX54,DX56
 Surface  Oiled, Dry, Chemical Treatment