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Aluzinc Steel

Aluzinc Steel is a Hot Dip Process of Aluminium Zinc bath.

Composition of coated layer:

Composition Weight% Capacity Ratio%
Aluminium 55 80
Zinc 43.4 19
Silicon 1.6 1

Aluzinc has 3 to 6 times superior corrosion resistance compared to zinc coated (galvanize) steel sheet of same coating thickness. This material is imported from South Korea with a 20 years warranties in case of residential application with conditions.

Heat Reflectivity
Aluzinc has superior heat reflectivity, which leads to cooler area inside which helps increase efficiency and life of the products inside. Lowers the cost of air conditioning, mainly used in food storage, control panels, roofing etc.

Aluzinc has better adhesiveness of paints to its coated layer compared to galvanized steel sheet. Aluzinc used for general purposes dose not require any pre treatment before painting.

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Comparison of heat reflectivity by products.

Product Heat reflectivity ratio {%}
Aluzinc Steel 70-75
Galvanize Steel 30-40
Prepainted Silver 50-60
Prepainted Grade 45-50
Tile, Slate 10-20

Comparison of heat transfer by product

Product Heat Transfer (W/m2)
Aluminized 40
Aluzinc 65
Galvanize steel 120
Asbestos Ciment 150
Clay Tile 150


Thickness 0.25mm to 3mm
Width 1600 Max
Coating 70GSM to 300GSM
Grades SGCC, SGCD1, SGCD2,DX51D, DX53D,DX56D, S280GD,S350GD,S550GD, SGC490, GRADE 550
Zinc Coating Weight Symbol AZ 06 AZ08 AZ 13 AZ 12 AZ 18 AZ 20 AZ 22 AZ 26 AZ 27
Zinc Coating Thickness (mm) 0.013 0.017 0.021 0.026 0.034 0.04 0.043 0.049 0.054
Weight g/㎡ (both sides) 90 120 125 183 244 285 305 345 381
ASTM A 525 G-30 G-40 G-60 G-90 G-115
Q/BQB 425-2004 AS
JIS G 3321:1998 ISO
DC51D+AZ G2+AZ DX51D+AZ CS type B、type C SGLCC 1
S250GD+AZ G250+AZ S250GD+AZ 255 250
S300GD+AZ G300+AZ
S350GD+AZ G350+AZ S350GD+AZ 345 Class1 SGLC490 350
S550GD+AZ G550+AZ S550GD+AZ 550 SGLC570 550
Yield Strength Tensile Strength Re Elongation A80 %
Designation Re N/mm²
Steel Grade Symbol for the Type of Hot-Dip Coating N/mm²
Steel Name Steel Number
Cold Forming Quality DX51D 1.0226 +AZ Max.500 Min.22
DX51D 1.0226 +AZ
DX52D 1.0350 +AZ Max.300 Max.420 Min.26
DX52D 1.0350 +AZ
DX53D 1.0355 +AZ Max.260 Max.380 Max.30
DX53D 1.0355 +AZ
DX54D 1.0306 +AZ Max.220 Max.350 Max.36
DX54D 1.0306 +AZ
Structural Quality S220GD 1.0241 +AZ Min.220 Min.300 Min.20
S220GD 1.0241 +AZ
S250GD 1.0242 +AZ Min.250 Min.330 Min.19
S250GD 1.0242 +AZ
S280GD 1.0244 +AZ Min.280 Min.360 Min.18
S280GD 1.0244 +AZ
S320GD 1.0250 +AZ Min.320 Min.390 Min.17
S320GD 1.0250 +AZ
S350GD 1.0529 +AZ Min.350 Min.420 Min.16
S350GD 1.0529 +AZ
S550GD 1.0531 +AZ Min.550 Min.560
S550GD 1.0531 +AZ