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JK-ALU Steel

JK-ALU is a flat carbon steel product with an aluminized metal coating specifically tailored to protect against oxidation at high temperatures. This coating, consisting of an aluminum alloy (90%) and silicon (10%) is applied continuously on both sides of the sheet by a hot-dip process similar to the one used for the manufacture of traditional galvanized sheets.

The main advantages of JK-ALU are:

  • Up to 480°C, JK-ALU reflects 80% of the incident radiation. This characteristic allows for example to accelerate the rise in temperature of an oven keeping the calories in a given volume, or, on the contrary, to facilitate cooling by directing their evacuation.
  • At room temperature, the mechanical characteristics of the JK-ALU are identical to those of the basic steel. At 480°C, despite a sensitive softening, JK-ALU’s strength is about ten times that aluminum.
  • The constituents of the non-passivated JK-ALU pose no health risk and can be put in contact with food. The lack of harmfulness of the product is certified by the reports of many specialized agencies.
  • JK-ALU has an excellent chemical corrosion resistance, although none of the constituents of the coating plays the sacrificial role toward the steel as does zinc in the case of galvanized sheet. Aluminum coating reacts instantly with oxygen to form a thin film of alumina Al2O3, very stable and insoluble, passivating the surface of the sheet. In case of alteration of the surface (scratch), this protection is reconstituted.
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JKALU+ is 5 times stronger in surface then JKALU with 3 times more rust prevention and 5 times more scratch resistance then JKALU. It is normally used in replacing SS400 series.


Thickness (mm) 0.25 to 3
Width 7mm to 1500mm
Grade DX51 to DX57 (Equivalent Grade SA1D to SA1E)
Coating 20GSM to 260GSM each Side

Limits and constraints of JK-ALU:

  • JK-ALU must be transported and stored in a sheltered, moisture-free environment.
  •  The forming and joining techniques currently used for uncoated steels are also suitable for JK-ALU.
  •  All welding techniques (by point, seam and high frequency) and MIG, MAG and TIG are suitable for JK-ALU.
  • When supplied oiled, JK-ALU needs degreasing and surface treatment before painting.
  •  JK-ALU can be directly painted, without any prior surface treatment.
  •  The paint must be compatible

 Applications of JK-ALU:

  • Supporting high temperatures
  • JK-ALU is mainly used in automotive industry (exhaust pipes, heat shields, tanks …)
  • It is used in domestic appliances (ovens, fryers, barbecues, heaters, chimneys…)