Hot Rolled Steel P&O

Hot Rolled Steel P&O

Hot rolled pickled and oiled (P&O) is a product with an enhanced surface finish due to the pickling process.  The process of creating hot rolled P&O begins with basic hot rolled steel.

To create the enhanced surface finish of hot rolled P&O the hot rolled goes through a pickling process. The pickling process removes the thin layer of oxidized iron (black oxide scale) that forms on the surface of the steel. This is done using acid baths. Once the acid is rinsed and the product is dried oil is applied to prevent the steel from rusting.

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Parameters Technical Details/Specifications
Thickness (mm) 1.6 to 8
Width (mm) 7 to 1700 (Max)
Coil Weight (MT) Up to 30 MT (1 to 18 kg/mm width)
Grades Specifications – As per JIS/BIS/ ASTM/EN Standards
Low Carbon CRCA Grades
Super EDD/DD/D, SPCX, SPCEN, SPCD, SPCC, non-aging, IF-High, DC01 / DC02 /DC04, ST12-14,Fe-410,Fe510.
Strength steel(IF-HSS), High Strength Low Alloy Steel (HSLA), viz., ST -42,
ST-45, ST-52, SAPH-400/41O, QSTE 320, QSTE 420, QSTE 500, QSTE 540,
Steel for Porcelain Enameling, Corrosion Resistant Steel, viz., Tin Mill Black Plate (TMBP).
ELECTRICAL Grades Elec –I, Elec-n, Elec-nI, SemiProcessed Elect. Steel.
HSLA We imported European origin HSLA material also.


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